A series of essays about sales, startups, & general banter by Nick Persico

About Nick

Nick Persico is a male twenty-something living in NYC. Originally from Maryland's Eastern Shore, Nick is a die hard Baltimore Ravens and Orioles fan.

Currently, Nick spends his days leading internal operations at a sports technology startup called Krossover. He previously worked as a Hustler at Elastic (YCW11), who provides startups sales-as-a-service and created a software sales platform called Close.io.

Nick is passionate about technology in the enterprise, and how the next generation of tools and workforce are changing it. Nick has sold and advised for several groundbreaking startups in Silicon Valley by driving revenue and marketing their products to the rest of the world.

Nick also has extended experience in the foodservice industry, working outside sales at Sysco Foodservice in Columbia, SC after serving up his family's frozen pizza products to broadline distributors prior to that.

If you would like to reach Nick or learn more about him, email him at nicklpersico@gmail.com.

Profile of Nick Persico

Nick Persico

Director of Sales at Close.com. Previous: Co-Founder of Smart Host (acquired), VP of Ops at Krossover (acquired), and sales at Sysco. Travel nerd, Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan, and GIF enthusiast.